Established since 1948 as the first manufacturer of padlocks in Taiwan, we have been a specialized maker of assorted pin-tumbler locks under "CROWN" brand and won the "Symbol of Excellence" award twice in Taiwan. We supply various locks to overseas buyers on OEM/ODM/OBM basis with unique mechanisms applied to our products and also customize locks for specific purposes.

We have developed lots of maximum security items, such as hardened Solid Steel Padlock No.650 with universal key & No.650/CD with Dimple key mechanism, Re-Keyable and Interchangeable cylinder core as well as Quick-change shackle using hardened steel or molybdenum steel. All parts including cylinder core, retainer, cover plate, screw & nut, steel ball bearing, key blanks etc. are compatible with those leading suppliers’ in the market, for instance American Lock 700 and Mul-T-Lock TSR round steel padlock series which are popular to professional, commercial, locksmith, DIY markets or even directly to general end users.

In addition, some other maximum security padlocks No.8000 with Cross Key, No.8000-CD with Concave Dots (C.D.)/Dimple Key mechanism, No.100-AL/CD HDB Gate Lock with dual cylinders for entrance and exit, No.SF-010 deposit Lockblock (interchangeable for hotel room safe), No.520/520-SP with interchangeable Euro half-profile cylinder as well as protects against bolt cutter, No.610 solid stainless steel padlock and so on are also quite reputable all over the world.

We have furthermore unveiled the model of Armor-plated padlock No.100-APS with Key Removable and smaller dimension which is something different from No.100-AP & 100-AP/CD series with Key Retainable to meet more and more various requirements. In order to prevent shackles from cutting, now the shackle shrouded padlock is available to protect against bolt-cutter in addition to molybdenum steel shackle. Besides, keyed alike (KA), keyed differently (KD), master keyed (MK), grand master keyed (GMK) as well as mushroom/spool pins are applicable to both universal and dimple key mechanisms on our products.

With the modern equipment/facilities and know-how of making pin-tumbler locks for over 60 years, we could assure our customers of excellent Quality, Security and Reliability. As the Symbol of Excellence winner, we are always buyers’ best source for Innovalue – i.e. Innovation and Value added.